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The Facts About Microbeads

The Facts About Micro beads, not all micro beads are created equally - it is important to know the difference!

Micro beads come in two forms, either produced synthetically (which accounts for about 91% of the products on the market) or naturally occurring.
Synthetic micro beads are small pieces of plastic are being consumed by our marine life together with the fact that scientists believe they also attract other pollutants such as oil & pesticides.
Humans then eat this contaminated marine life such as fish, ingesting the micorbeads. The synthetic plastic beads are through to release potentially toxic chemicals, which can disrupt the hormonal functions of humans.
Recent studies have shown  that fragments of plastic now make-up a significant proportion of the sand of the beaches around the world. Even Zoo plankton a major marine food source, has been filmed eating these tiny plastic micro beads, suggesting the impact on our food chain maybe greater than expected, as the concentrations increase the further down the food chain they are.
Living Nature is committed to using only 100% natural ingredients in Skin Revive Exfoliant  that pose no hazard on humans or the environment.
Living Nature have included natural jojoba & candililla wax beads that break down & dissolve completely & do not pose a risk to environment, marine life of humans even if consumed!
The beads are gentle, yet effective, & un like apricot kernel granules or similar, do not harm the skin by creating micro cuts (which allows microbes to enter or irritates the skin) but leaves the skin smooth, soft, fresh, healthy & glowing.
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