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Are Supplements A Con??


Are Supplements A Con?


This question is often raised and as our industry moves towards supporting our client's skin nutritionally as well as topically and I think it is worth considering. Funnily enough, I recently had an experience that left me in no doubt as to the answer.

Last Monday I caught up with my lovely nephew, Lucas. We both had the opportunity to go out on Auckland harbour with the family to watch the America's cup racing first hand. What an exciting day’s racing and it’s so wonderful that we went on to win the cup a few days later.

After the initial round of greeting hugs, I noticed Lucas had a red rash around his mouth. Normally my policy is not to mention a skin issue unless I’m asked for my advice, but I’m Lucas’s Aunty and I‘ve been his skin coach since he was a teenager. So I jumped right in and pointed out the rash. The conversation went something like this…


Aunty: “What’s with the rash, Lu?”
Lucas: “Oh yeah, I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now but it’s got worse lately”
Aunty: “Are you taking your BFB’s? (our shorthand for Bestow Beauty from Beneath)
Lucas: “Nah, Mum (our lovely Robyn) said I should because the rash means I’m low in vitamin B. But I haven’t done it yet”
At this point, I fix him with my Aunty glare.
Lucas “I’ll start taking them tonight, Nini (the nickname my nieces and nephews use).

He kept his word and did just that.
The following Saturday I received a text from Robyn. ‘Lu’s rash has gone and he’s stoked”.

So what is the lesson here?
1. Nutritional deficiencies are very common.
2. Our skin is the area most quickly affected by these deficiencies because it’s the last organ on the ‘supply route’.
3. Addressing the underlying cause of the problem (in this case, a lack of vitamin B) is the only way you will get a result. B vitamins from food alone was not enough and topical treatment by itself would have no effect.
4. Changing our client's diet for the better is our ultimate goal and at Bestow we have developed many resources and cookbooks to support you and your clients to do this. But dietary change is hard, it takes time and motivation.

Helping Lucas heal his skin has to lead us to talking about including more vitamin B-rich food sources in his diet because we believe that food first is the way to go. He is open to making those changes because he has clearly seen that he needs more vitamin B. However, I suspect he will continue to take the Bestow Beauty from Beneath because, as we so often see these days, diet alone is not enough!

Also, remember that the majority of the Beauty from Beneath capsule is made from food and our other Bestow nutritional-boosters are food! They are a collection of nutrient-rich foods that give us that must needed booster for today’s busy lifestyle which is often heavy in processed, nutrient-poor food.

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