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Loving Your Liver

The Liver is one of your most important organs, but it is also your most forgiving, So forgiving in fact that you can be left with only a quarter of your liver functioning & it will regenerate into a whole liver again.
Ironically, it is much more forgiving than our hearts, which once damaged will only partially recover. This also means that with just a bit of love, your liver will reward you by making sure you feel energetic, vital & healthy.
There are many functions that your liver is responsible for, but the most important is the process of  detoxification. This is a process that the liver carries out every day & every night.
We often talk about doing a "detox" but in reality your body is busy detoxing all the time. I picture the liver to be similar to someone working in an office with lots of files on there desk. These files need to be processed & either recycled, filed (stored) or disposed of (eliminated). If this system is working well then our bodies run smoothly & we feel healthy & energetic. But if your liver becomes overwhelmed with "files" you can feel fatigued, suffer from mood swings, inflammation, constipation & weight gain (especially a little roll just under the breast). These problems arise when we add "liver loaders" to our daily life. Liver loaders increase the numbers of "files" that need to be processed & result in a desk (or liver) piled high with paper (toxins) that cannot possibly be processed in the allotted time! So what happens to these "files"?
They are thrown back into your blood stream, half processed & often more damaging than before.
To compound this problem some of the liver loader "files" like alcohol are marked URGENT & need to be dealt with immediately, stopping the liver from doing other health supporting jobs. You can feel this if you have had to much alcohol in the evening.
You drop of to sleep O.K but wake at two or three am feeling hot & agitated from an over stimulated, over worked liver.
So what are these "liver loaders"? ALCOHOL, of course but also CAFFEINE, CIGARETTES, TRANS FATTY ACIDS,STRESS HORMONES, REFINED SUGAR,REFINED FLOURS, PESTICIDES,HEAVY METALS,& a lot of food additives. If you want to do a detox, limit the liver loaders is the best & simplest way to start. Cut down or even better, eliminate alcohol, refined sugars & flours & conventionally grown foods. Replace these  with plenty of fresh water, organic foods good quality proteins, an alkaline diet a good nights sleep, sensible sun exposure, vitamin D, exercise & happy hormones( also called endorphins) from fun & laughing. If you want to take it even further, give your liver some love & attention by increasing your intake of nutrients like B complex, Vitamin C,, Vitamin E, selenium & zinc, Sulphur containing foods like garlic, onions & cruciferous vegetables (broccoli,kale,cabbage,bok choy) are also wonderful. Another vital liver nutrient is your Essential Fatty acids. The liver has five pathways of elimination that unfortunately liver loaders can block. EFA's can help "unblock" all five pathways so they are essential to for any detox program. At the moment I am enjoying looking after my liver with juiced beetroot, carrot, apple, wheat grass & a good blob of "Bestow Beauty Oil"
for all those detoxifying EFA;s & a teaspoon of "Bestow Beauty Powder" for all those other liver loving nutrients. Ti's the perfect drink for a spring clean!
So make sure your're loving your liver too & ensure you continue to "detox" everyday!

Article supplied by Janine Tait


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