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Chocolate Is Good For You!

Chocolate Is Good For You!

Cacao & Cocoa are both produced by harvesting the cacao beans that are found inside seed pods, grown on the cacao tree.
These trees are typically grown in tropicalenvironents & are native to Central & South America & parts of Africa.
according to Mayan mythology, cacao was discovered by a Cacao God & was often offered as agift to deities & used in celebrations. I ancient Mexico, it was a luxury drink onlyenjoyed by the rich & privileged, & was often used as a form of money. 
Raw cacao powder nibs are prduced by fermenting, grinding & then cold pressing raw cacao beans enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals are all preserved & only the fat caao butter is removed.
Cocoa looks simalar to Cacao, however is quite drastictly different in its medicinal properties & its processing. Cocoa powder is produced by first roating the fermented cocao pbeans at a high heat, then grinding the roasted beans into Cocao mass which is then pressed to remove the Cocoa butter. The remaining Cocoa is then ground into a fine powder.
Dutch processed Cocoa powder is even further treated early on in the prcesswith an alkalised chemical solution, which gives the end product a richer. less acidic taste, but removes even more of the nutrients.
Cacao & Cocoa have been ,easured on the ORAC scale (this stands for oxygen radical absorbance capasity) which is a way of measuring antioxidant levels,
Raw Cacao powder has an ORAC scoreof 95,500 whereas roasted Coco powder only has a score of 26,000. Thats nearly for times the anti-oxidants!
caco is thought to be the highest source of anti-oxidants of all food, containing more per 100g than acai berries, goji berries & blueberries. Comparatively, the ORAC score of Blueberries is only 4.669. These antioxidants, containg 2 different types of flavonoids make up arounf 10% of the raw Cacao powder.
Abti  oxidants neutralize free radicals, help prevent aging, prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol (bad Cholesterol) in the blood & reduces inflammation in the body. Cacao also improves insulin sensitivity & contains thermogenic proteins which help with weight loss.

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