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category-pageJanesce is a truly ethical brand, which is dedicated to high production standards & to skin health & total body  wellness
Janesce Sarre Smith, founded Janesce in 1986 to embody the philosophies & knowledge she had developed over 20yrs of healing skin as a naturopathic skin therapy specialist.
Jan Smith is a therapist first, a business women second. Janice developed Janesce so she could bring her knowledge & unique plant based skincare range to as many women as possible. Jan was always motivated by purpose rather than by profit, which is why she will be remembered for founding a wellness movement rather than building a business empire.
Janesce is a family business, not a big corporation.
Janesce origins exemplify the very definition of "cottage industry". Janesce skincare products were formed, not in multi million pharmaceutical laboratories, but on site at Janice's Adelaide Hills organic farm. The earliest concentrates were scientifically developed in the farm cottage! The size of the operation has scaled as Janesce has grown, but Janesce has always remained true to Janesce's reason for being, to produce organic ethical skincare filled with high quality plant actives so that every woman can enjoy beautiful skin. 
Janesce - Only the best ingredients.
Compared to other skincare ranges the Janesce products cost a small fortune to make. The cost of production reflects the care that is taken in bringing the vitality of nature to your skin. All of the plants used in the Janesce skincare range are grown organically on Janesce Claret Ash Farm in the Adelaide Hills. The plants are hand picked in a labour intensive process., which preserves their integrity, & the actives are extracted using a unique method Janice developed herself to ensure the highest possible levels of plant actives can be delivered to the skin. All supporting ingredients are the best money can buy.
Janesce is passing from mother to daughter.
After four decades of pioneering work as a naturopathic skin care specialist, Janice is retiring from the business side of the company. Aged 86, Jan remains as passionate as ever in the Janesce garden & laboratory, but feels it is time to slow down.
Jan is entrusting the business side of Janesce into the hands of her daughter Kristen & her second daughter Jo-Anne whom is involved alongside Jan in the Claret Ash Farms laboratories



Janine Tait The Power Of Slow Beauty  Janesce extracts are like a fine, aged wine.    - Jan’s time-honoured process allows the extracts to develop a potency and complexity that is unlike any other botanical skincare range.


Janine TaitJanine Tait is a dermo-nutrition specialist, beauty therapist educator and a respected leader within the emerging Slow Beauty movement, which has a focus on holistic skincare and wellness. In this piece, Janine talks about becoming so disillusioned with the beauty industry in the 1990’s that she left it altogether and the Slow Beauty philosophy that brought her back.

Looking back, I don't think I ever truly healed anyone's skin in the first decade of my beauty therapy career. I had a strong desire to successfully treat my client's skin concerns and the frustration I felt when I couldn't remains vividly in my memory. It certainly wasn't for lack of training or trying. My sister Denise used to always win the Excellence awards at school and I use to win the Diligence awards! I invested a lot of diligent effort into exploring all the various topical skincare products and treatments available in the industry at the time, but I always felt that whatever I did, it wasn't enough to make a real difference to my client's skin concerns.

I had been captivated with the quiet power of beauty therapy to change lives ever since my first eyebrow shape when I was 15 transformed me from a geeky teenager to a young lady. Discovering that my chosen career had not given me the tools I needed to facilitate genuine skin transformation was so disillusioning for me that I left beauty therapy altogether in the early 1990's. I retrained and went and worked in an office and tried to forget the beauty industry.

As it turns out I had to leave beauty therapy to realise how much I loved it.

I missed the positivity of working directly with people and after two years in office administration I returned to beauty therapy with renewed commitment and the drive I needed to find some answers.

Fortunately, it was not long after this that I met renowned herbalist and naturopath, Janice Smith of Janesce Skincare in Australia, who became my mentor. The Janesce philosophy shied away from quick-fix 'throw a cream at it' mentality and instead took a Slow Beauty approach, recognising that long term change had to come about by working from within.

Janice was a walking, talking, treasure trove of genuine wisdom and I grabbed hold of her with both hands. She particularly emphasised the importance of nutrition for skin health and this was when the lights went on for me. It was like finding the missing puzzle piece that made the whole picture come into focus. As I put Jan's principles into practice, coaching my clients in dermo-nutrition and using the Janesce botanical skincare range which gently protected the epidermis instead of stripping it, the results I got for my clients far exceeded my expectations.

My new found knowledge transformed me from a struggling beauty therapist into a skin health therapist with total confidence in treating skin and skin problems. Acne, eczema, rosacea - previously these conditions had all been the elephant in the room that I was too scared to raise with my clients because I didn't know how to help them. Now, I was successfully treating these conditions and at last seeing the skin and life transformations I had always hoped was possible.

I spent some time training under Janice Smith in Australia and became the New Zealand Janesce distributor in 1997 and have never looked back.

Over the last 20 years as I have studied dermo-nutrition and developed the Bestow range of skin-focused super-foods, I have seen time and time again the power that diet has to change, heal and transform skin. The Bestow range grew out of my hard won experience that what you put on your skin is only half of the story. Feeding the skin essential nutrients from within is what makes genuine skin transformation possible. However, it is not always easy to make sure you are getting the right amount of skin-specific nutrients in your diet. The Bestow range of oils, powders and capsules are all designed with skin-nutrition in mind and are supported with beautiful rituals that help clients to build healthy daily habits into their life.

The Slow Beauty Movement | Join The Revolution

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