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Skin Juice


The Skin Juice Mission

To feed the skin a natural and organic skin care diet; quenching the skin's thirst with nutrient rich, Superfood infused, innovative formulations and professional treats. We are passionate about empowering people with sustainable and healthy choices to naturally discover their real, authentic beauty.

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Skin Juice Science

An Australian made and owned Superfood diet for your skin

This healthy skin applied diet uses natural and organic superfoods to cleanse, hydrate, protect and nourish the skin. Like the body, the skin needs essential nutrients in order to function properly. Therefore, Skin Juice has developed each product using ingredients that will nourish the skin in the same manner as a balanced diet nourishes the body. This allows optimum and, most importantly, sustainable results to be achieved, slowing and minimise the effects of ageing to maintain healthy, youthful skin.

The dirty side of cleansing

In the past it was believed that our skin needed to be left feeling squeaky clean after cleansing. That feeling of tightness and no oil was seen as a positive and a good, effective clean. But this feeling is your skin crying out for moisture and potentially a compromised barrier function.

We believe that cleansing is the most important step in any skincare regime. If you get it wrong, your skin will ultimately be playing catchup.

What happens if you get cleansing 'wrong'?

1. You become oilier.

Soaps and foaming cleansers require a type of surfactant for that suds-up effect. 

These surfactants are also found in dishwashing liquid. Squirting dishwashing liquid onto an oily plate will cut through grease and grime, which is fine as it's a dinner plate (not your face).

Cleansing our face the same way strips the skin's preserving oils. Removing these oils triggers your skin to produce more oil to compensate for the loss.


2. Your skin will become dehydrated and congested.

Stripping the skin's natural oils will result in water evaporating from the skin. Water is needed for a variety of skin functions, such as the skin’s natural exfoliating process.

The outer layer of the skin is comprised of flattened cells that create a barrier against physical trauma. As time goes on, new cells bump their way up to the surface, allowing for natural shedding of these excess skin cells. These cells are held together by a type of intercellular cement or bonding.

When the skin has the right amount of water, an enzyme is activated to help dissolve the bonding to allow the skin cell to be shed, keeping the skin refined and smooth.

Lack of water in the skin can cause an increased accumulation of dead cells on the skin’s surface. These cells fall into the pores, blocking the natural oil flow, resulting in blockages and congestion.


3. You may start experiencing breakouts.

The skin's acid mantle is a layer of oil and water, and as the name suggests, it is more acidic. It's role is to protect the skin against irritation and from bacteria entering the skin.

Many cleansers, especially foaming cleansers are more alkaline in nature, meaning they have a higher pH and will break the skin’s protective acid mantle. This can leave the skin vulnerable to bacteria which can infect the skin and cause inflamed breakouts.

A real good cleanse.

Instead of using harsh detergents to cleanse your face, try balancing your skin with cleansing oils, creams or pastes that are free from synthetic surfactants.

Our Skin Juice cleansers work on the principle of ‘giving back what we take away’. That means our cleanser blends are not only designed to give a deep cleanse and remove the impurities and dirt, but simultaneously nourish the skin, feeding it essential nutrients to keep it healthy and balanced.


Think you may be experiencing some sensitivity from your cleanser? Give our Smudge Budge Calming Cleansing Balm a try. It’s a gentle oil balm that melts away even stubborn make up and leaves you with fresh, dewy and clean skin.


Skin Juice | Drench Deeply Nourishing Cleansing Oil 150ml
NZ $68.00 NZ $61.20 Save NZ $6.80 incl GST
Skin Juice | Pulp Refining Clay Cleanser
NZ $59.00 NZ $53.10 Save NZ $5.90 incl GST
Skin Juice | Coconut Cream Clarifying Cream Cleanser
NZ $68.00 NZ $61.20 Save NZ $6.80 incl GST
Skin Juice | Berry Fresh Healthy Skin Cleanser
NZ $68.00 NZ $61.20 Save NZ $6.80 incl GST
Skin Juice | Midnight Melt
Skin Juice | Lemon Dew
NZ $78.00
Skin Juice | Pineapple Punch - Mattifying Face Cream
NZ $63.00 NZ $56.70 Save NZ $6.30 incl GST
Skin Juice | Star Quencher 50ml
NZ $61.00 NZ $54.90 Save NZ $6.10 incl GST
Skin Juice | Good Juice Probiotics Face Cream
NZ $64.00 NZ $57.60 Save NZ $6.40 incl GST
Skin Juice | Flower Nectar Ultra-Rich Face Cream
NZ $72.00 NZ $64.80 Save NZ $7.20 incl GST
Skin Juice | Vitamin C Facial Juicy Booster
NZ $60.00 NZ $54.00 Save NZ $6.00 incl GST
Skin Juice | Re Juice Face Oil
NZ $70.00 NZ $63.00 Save NZ $7.00 incl GST
Skin Juice | Superfood Nutritious Face Oil - 30ml
NZ $70.00 NZ $63.00 Save NZ $7.00 incl GST
Skin Juice | Eye Love Juice
NZ $69.00 NZ $62.10 Save NZ $6.90 incl GST
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