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Skin Juice | Lemon Dew

Skin Juice | Lemon Dew
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50ml Illuminating Elixir
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Skin Juice | Lemon Dew

 LEMON DEW is a dream cream that hydrates and illuminates. This silky, shimmery cream also encapsulates vitamins A, B and C actives to dive deep into the layers of the skin helping to boost and brighten.

SUITABLE FOR : All skin types, Pregnancy, Nut allergies, Vegan


Lemon Dew is a moisturiser cream, serum and an illuminator - all in one. It provides long lasting hydration and adds a subtle shimmer and glow to the skin, but it's also rich in vitamin A, B and C actives. These vitamins 

work together to improve skin tone, brightness and radiance, and reduce the signs of ageing and damage. And when you're done, keep the outer bottle and replace your product with one of our refills.

work together to improve skin tone, brightness and radiance, and reduce the signs of ageing and damage. And when you're done, keep the outer bottle and replace your product with one of our refills


Fresh, zesty and sweet. Like lemonade.


Fresh, zesty and sweet. Like lemonade.


A silky, shimmery and light cream, contrary to the punch it packs.


A silky, shimmery and light cream, contrary to the punch it packs.


Australian Made & Owned 

Created with love and care, under the Aussie sun.

Natural & Fresh

No nasties. Just naturally-derived ingredients.

Not Tested on Animals

We love our furry friends and will never test on animals.

Lemon Dew FAQs

I love my Skin Juice moisturiser, can I use both it AND Lemon Dew in my daily ritual?
We love that you love your existing moisturiser! The choice is completely yours. If you do want to use both, we recommend applying Lemon Dew first due to its serum function as this will allow the vitamins to better absorb into the skin.

How does Flower Nectar compare to Lemon Dew?
Lemon Dew is designed to be a serum and cream in 1. Flower Nectar is a nourishing cream for those clients who like a thicker heavy textured cream. Lemon Dew still delivers nourishment and moisture through the four hydrators; Pentavin, Marimoist, Hyaluronic Acid and Fucogel. It's silky, fine in texture, and perfectly layered over Bio Juice and under makeup or Sun Juice tinted. To help ease clients, they could still apply their moisturiser over the top.

Where/how does this fit into the Skin Juice Daily Diet?
We recommend using Lemon Dew after your Bio Juice Tonic in the morning and before your SPF.

What form of Vitamins A, B and C do you use in Lemon Dew?
Lemon Dew contains a botanical form of non-sensitising Vitamin A known as Vit-A-Like, which is backed by clinical data sheets detailing how it helps promote collagen production and cellular renewal. We use Niacinamide to add Vitamin B to the mix and for Vitamin C, both Kakadu Plum (native Australian, naturally rich source of Vitamin C) and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate or Stay-C 50 (stable and water-soluble form).

What percentage of Vitamin A, B and C is in Lemon Dew?

  • 7% Vitamin C (sodium ascorbyl phosphate 5% Kakadu Plum 2%).
  • 3% Vitamin B (Niacinamide).
  • <1% Vitamin A (Vit-A-Like).

Will this irritate sensitive skin?
Lemon Dew contains ingredients that will aid your skin’s immunity and reduce sensitivity and irritation. Having said that, everyone is different and we recommend patch testing the product as well as checking the full ingredient listing to make sure there isn’t anything you know will irritate your skin.

Can I wear this under makeup?
It’s a perfect base for make-up application. Yes, Lemon Dew is designed to be used after your Skin Drink (or toner) and functions as a 3 in 1; moisturiser, serum and illuminator. It will help lock-in moisture and protect your skin, boost your skin tone and function and leave you with a soft, dewy glow. Just don’t forget to use a SPF as well!

Can I use Lemon Dew with other serums?
Yes, Lemon Dew can be used with other serums. They can be layered underneath with Lemon Dew as your final step.

Can I still use Juice C with Lemon Dew?
Yes you can. If you want to supercharge your vitamin C you can continue to mix your Juice C powder into your Bio Juice or Lemon Dew following the same recommended dosage guidelines.

What do I do with my empty bottle? Can I refill this product?
You can hold onto the outer bottle of your Lemon Dew and reload it with one of our refill bottles. You can find instructions on how to reload on the Lemon Dew Refill product page on the Skin Juice Wholesale Site. As for your empty product bottle, pop it in the recycling bin. It’s already made from recycled plastic but you can continue the cycle by recycling again.

How do I know when I need a refill?
We estimate that a 50ml bottle of Lemon Dew will last you approximately 3 months based on two average-sized pumps used once a day. You’ll know you’re due for a refill when your product stops pumping but if you like to be prepared and have one on hand, we recommend removing the inner tube/refill bottle (leaving the pump on top) and sitting this on top of your smartphone torch. The light illuminates the empty bottle and the shadow section is how much product you have left.

How long will my Lemon Dew container last?
We estimate your Lemon Dew outer bottle should get you through 4 inner product bottles (your original + 3 refills). But just like you and your skin, this is of course dependent on environmental factors and how gentle you are. So be kind to make sure it goes the distance.



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