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Lash & Brow Serums What Tou Need To Know

Lash & Brow Serums What You need To Know


There are 2 main categories of ingredients in eyelash serums currently on the market: Conditioners
& active ingredients.
Conditioners are like vitamins, nutrients, amino acids & more, provide support to lash & hair follicles health & therefore, support normal healthy growth. Many lash serums only contain conditioning ingredients & the results from these types of serums will more likely be increased strength, healthier looking lashes, but not necessarily a longer fuller appearance.
Active ingredients like peptides & prostaglandin analogues take this a step further & look to stimulate more growth through activation of hair follicles & increased cellular activity. Lash serums that contain active ingredients will also include a mix of conditioning agents.
These serums include vitamins, amino acids & synthetic ogliopeptides. There are large molecules containing multiple peptides that stimulate & accelerate the cell activity they also foster healthy lash growth by providing nutrients to the lash follicle & thus give the lash growing its best chance of being thick, strong, healthy & ultimately long. Peptides (EGFs) in lash serums are relatively new comer to the market place & are reported to not only improve condition but also the appearance of length. 
Again these have many of the same conditioning agents within their formulas & they also include a synthetic prostaglandin to activate & accelerate the cellular process for hair growth.
The prostaglandin serums that are on the market have been staple since the late 90's & have been used for may years with great success.
The most recognised & respected lash serums in the NZ market all have prostaglandin analogue components & expected results should be a noticeable improvement in appearance in length & overall lash quality.

The prosaglandin analogues that are used in lash serums are not hormes.  They are synthetically created in a lab to mimic a particular function & in the case of the lash serums send messages to the lash follices to assist in the growth cycle. 
Prostaglandins that the body naturally produces are considered a unique form of hormone as they are manufactured out side of the glands. Both Prosaglandins & peptides only act locally were serum is applied, they are not metabolised within the liver, nor create wider affects throughout the body. 
& are labelled not safe this is NOT CORRECT
There is simply a difference between the product classification regulations in Australia & NZ. In NZ eyelash serums are classified as a cosmetic as long as the prostaglandin analogue is included only in very low concentration. In Australia ANY product containing this type of ingredient (regardless of concentration) requires a prescription. 
Many of the conditioning properties of eyelash serums are created by the use of peptides & amino acids but what are they?
Peptides are essentially short chains of amino acids. Amino acids are often referred to as the building blocks of proteins, & are compounds that play many critical roles in your body & as such can provide Strong benefits for the growth of healthy lashes. Amino acids like
Arginine is a natural vasodilator (increases blood flow)
& regulator of nitrogen oxide which opens the cells & promotes hair growth. Arginine supports the lashes throughout the growth phase & helps to scavenge free radicals & protect lashes from environmental damage. 
Cysteine which is one of four amino acids needed to produce keratin also strengthens & improves the hairs flexibility. 
Lysine helps with the creation & formation of collagen & collagen is essential in forming the structure of hair follicles. Lysine also stops the conversion of testosterone to DHT which inhibits hair growth.
These ingredients plus many more are used in the multitude of formulations in the market, so you could look at the ingredients list & research each in turn or you could use a popular independent review site to determine which is the best option for you. 
Can Eyelash serums change your eye colour?
The only lash serum that we are aware of with this potential side effect is Latisse, Latisse is a medical grade product& is approved by the FDA in the USA as a serum for lash growth. Its active ingredient is bimatoprost & is derived from the glaucoma medicine. When clinicians noticed one of the side effects was longer lashes, it started a frenzy of activity amongst excited manufacturers. Eye colour change has only been associated as a side effect when applied as an eye drop. 
Can I get Redness &/or Irritation?
Every person is different, & everyone reacts differently to products, some people have experienced redness, irritation or dryness around the eye area were product is applied. Many of the main brand lash serums say a less is more approach to the use of the product & you don't need a lot to see results, it always pays to check ingredients for any known allergies & if you experience any significant negative reaction to any cosmetic you should stop using it immediately.
Can you use lash serums while pregnant & breast feeding?
Every brand has a different position on this. Given the ingredients are not metabolised it would be a reasonable low risk, however it is up to the individual to do there own research & decide what suits them. 
Can you use lash serums with chemotherapy?
Every brand differs slightly here but all are consistent in saying that it will help recover lashes more quickly post treatment, again it is up to the individual to do there own research & decide what suits them or consult with your doctor.
Can you use lash serums with lash extensions & cosmetic tattoos?
Absolutely as long as you try not to while they are conducting the treatment you should be fine, as long as the tattooing has healed properly & then you could use a brow serum to enhance the hairs that are on top.
What happens when you stop using lash serums?
You should expect your lashes to return to normal length & condition over time & it should be noted that as you age lashes & brows tend to become weaker & more sparse, now you have experienced lash serums you may have higher expectations of your lash game.
How long does it take to start seeing results?
Normal growth cycle for eyelashes is 8 weeks for lashes & 12 weeks for brows, it usually ranges from 2-12 weeks, you are growing hair so it stands to reason that it will take some time, so be patient, follow the instructions for use to ensure you get the best possible results & great lashes & brows. 
Article provided by Beauty Spot distributors for Li Lash NZ


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