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Brazilian Waxing Myths Busted!

Brazilian Waxing Myths Busted!

1) You can’t go, when Aunt Flow is in town.
The common theory that you can’t possibly get a wax when you have your period is completely untrue. Woman’s menstrual cycles are a part of life and whether we like it or not they will appear once a month for the majority of our lives. While this is certainly a myth, there is still a downside to having a wax while on your period, you are more sensitive, but this goes for every part of the body. I don’t advise coming in on your first day of menstruation, perhaps come towards the end. In saying this, let’s not forget there are 3 other weeks each month where you are completely free. So unless you really need it done, it’s best to make use of the time your Aunt Flow isn’t in town.

1) You can’t go, when Aunt Flow is in town.

2) Maybe if you trim it, it won’t hurt as much.
Giving your lady parts a little hair cut before coming in for a Brazilian does not minimise pain. In fact, the more hair the better! The longer the hair the easier it is to grip and properly release from the root. As beauty therapists we don’t care how long anyone’s pubic hair is, it could be as long as Chubaka’s hair for all we care, it is our job to remove it. The Lilliane Caron Brazilian Waxing method does not revolve around the length of pubic hair and her number one rule is do not trim!!! I promise you it does not reduce the pain.

3) I’m getting too old for this…
There is no age limit in relation to having a Brazilian. I have waxed woman well into their 70’s and I say, good on them! Our clients should never be made to feel like the treatment they require is inappropriate or they are too old for anything. As a Beauty Therapist our job is to make people feel comfortable and confident no matter what age. When treating an older client we need to be especially gentle as their skin can tear and bruise easily. I would always try to use a hard wax on older clients as it is much easier on their skin. This also goes for woman who may be going through menopause. Woman’s hormones are constantly changing and especially as they get older. None of this means they have to stop waxing, it just means we have to be extremely delicate, while waxing their ‘delicates!’

4) Hold it mister…no hanky-panky tonight.
I am about to make every man’s dream come true. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the whole ‘you can’t have sex straight after getting a Brazilian’ is a myth! A lot of clients and therapists are under the impression that you need to wait at least 24 hours after a Brazilian before having sex, because the friction and perspiration might aggravate the skin or bacteria will get into the open follicles. As long as you are being waxed with a high quality product that is designed for sensitive areas and then shower after your cheeky rendezvous there is no reason you can’t celebrate your smooth new look with your loved one.

5) I can manage childbirth, but I can’t manage a Brazilian.
The idea that Brazilian waxing is too painful to bare is a common misconception by women who have never had a one. I have heard many women say they are ‘too scared’ or ‘couldn’t handle the pain.’ Um hello, that child you have attached to your hip would have hurt a hell of a lot more on their way out than having some hair removed – if you can handle child birth, a Brazilian is going to be a walk in the park! I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t hurt at all, your most intimate hairs are being ripped from where the sun don’t shine, that doesn’t tickle… But with a confident therapist and the right technique Brazilian’s don’t have to be painful and are probably a solid 1.5 on the scale of 1 – childbirth.

6) Brazilian’s – that’s a girl thing
Brazilian waxing is in no way gender-specific. For a long time Brazilian’s have been seen as a female only treatment, but fellas, those days are gone! More than ever, men are reaping the benefits of waxing their private areas. Male grooming is increasing rapidly these days and the stigma behind men taking pride in the way they look has taken a real backseat. There is absolutely no shame at all in men wanting a smooth hair free undercarriage!

So, there you have it, Brazilian Waxing Myths BUSTED! Of course all of these decisions are a personal choice by our clients and ultimately it comes down to whether they feel comfortable or not. A good therapist should always communicate with their clients and put them at ease. It doesn’t matter what time of the month it is, how old you are, whether you are male or female. Everyone can reap the benefits of a smooth confident Brazilian down under!

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