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asap | Clear Complexion Gel - 50ml

asap | Clear Complexion Gel - 50ml
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50ml Clear + Smooth While You Sleep
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asa​p Clear Complexion Gel

asap clear complexion gel contains powerful AHA/BHA's combined with Licorice, Tea Tree, Bilberry & Calendula Extracts, to help treat & prevent acne, clear skin congestion & improve skin tone.
Acne is a very common skin condition affecting teenagers & adults. It occurs in predisposed individuals when sebum production increases. Proliferation of the microorganism lesions are non-inflammatory (comedones, also known as blackheads & whiteheads) or inflammatory (papules, pustules or nodules). The extent & severity of the lesions varies, from a few comedones to the strongly inflammatory severe acne.
Using asap clear complexion gel in conjunction with a prescribed skincare routine can reduce excess sebum production, exfoliate, clear treat & reduce the occurrence of acne.  
External influences also play a role in the development of congestion, acne skin conditions such as.
Anxiety & Stress
Hot & humid climates
Diet changes
Oily hair
Hormones, menstrual cycle
Squeezing pimples & or not cleaning correctly
Suitable For :
Acne prone skins
Teenage skin breakouts
Hormonal acne conditions
All acne types
To prevent skin irritation, avoid over use
Not suitable for clients allergic to aspirin / salicylic acid
All over acne treatment & or a spot treatment
Deeply exfoliates pores, removing dead skin cell build-up & impurities within the pores
Helps prevent the recurrence of acne
Antibacterial, anti-fungal & antiviral properties to fight against P. acne
Natural anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory & calming properties
Antioxidants  to fight against free radical damage 
Skin lightening properties, to reduce any redness
Cleanse skin & apply asap clear complexion gel to the entire area. To avoid possible skin irritation & peeling, apply sparingly.
May be used twice a day, gradually increase frequency to twice a day as tolerated. asap recommends  the use of asap moisturising daily defence SPF50 as part of your daily skincare routine. Spot applications are recommended only if they require more applications during the day other than am&pm. This product should be applied to the entire face (am&pm) if required not just the congested area, to prevent & control oil flow. 
When To Apply:
Oily / Congested Skin Apply AM Oily Congested Skin Apply PM
Gentle eye make-up remover
Daily facial cleanser
Clear complexion gel
Super B serum mixed with Supers C serum
Advanced eye complex
Soothing gel
Moisturising daily defence SPF30
Gentle eye make-up remover
Daily facial cleanser
Daily facial scrub
Clear complexion gel
Super B serum mixed with Super A serum
Advanced eye complex
Soothing gel
Anti-ageing night cream (In some cases this may not be suitable due to the content of added AHA's & to moisturising) If so mix a little bit in with the Soothing gel.


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