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beautiful skin using skincare products for your skin type

We have brought together the best skin care products from some of the world's leading natural beauty and skin care brands.  To make it easier for you to choose we have refined the products so you can see which would be the most suitable to use and care for your skin type.


Alternatively if you are confused about your skin type or would like a personal beauty consultation please get in touch to make an appointment or just ask a question we are more than happy to help you.


Normal Skin

Oily / Acne Prone Skin

Combination Skin

If you have normal skin, then you are lucky, your skin is smooth with an even tone and no blemishes or open pores. Caring for normal skin requires daily cleansing, toning and moisturising and a skin treatment such as a face pack every couple of weeks. 
Oily skin is characterised by spots and pimples, large pores, blackheads and the skin tends to be shiny and greasy to the touch (as a result of an over-active sebum production).  It is generally associated with teenage skin (though this can continue through into adult hood).  Oily skin requires the utmost care using specially formulated products to control the shine, reduce oil, unblock clogged pores and to remove bacteria. .   Combination skin tends to be oily around the T Zone (forehead and nose) and dry in other areas such as cheeks, eyes and neck.  The best skin care products to use for combination skin  focus on balancing out your skin.  The key to any skin care regime is to focus on your predominant condition - so if your skin is more oily than dry treat yourself to a cleanser for oily skin and use less in the areas that are more dry.  
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Dry Skin

Aging Skin

Sensitive Skin

If you have dry skin then you will definitely notice a tightening of the skin whenever you cleanse.  Dry skin tends to have a thin texture and suffers from dehydration, red and flaky skin.  Your skin requires special care and above all an extra boost of moisture so your skin care routine should always include gentle cleansing and toning,  daily moisturising with a thick and creamy moisturiser plus a specific night time moisturiser and a gentle face scrub to remove dry, flaky skin Anti-Aging skin care products aim to firm the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, lighten dark spots and repair sun damage. We have selected some of the 'must have' natural skin care products to help reverse the signs of aging and effects of time giving you a brighter, more radiant skin and with fewer wrinkles.  If you have sensitive skin, you will be prone to red and irritation and allergies and in some cases even using normal skin care products will cause stinging, burning, redness, or tightness. It is therefore very important to avoid any product that contains a deodorant or fragrance.  So the best products for sensitive skin are mild or soap or fragrance-free cleansers and moisturisers and ones that have been specially formulated for sensitive skin
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