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Bestow Be Cleansed

Bestow Be Cleansed
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300gm Be Cleansed Naturally Detox, Purify, Beautify
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Bestow Be Cleansed

Is a blend of natures super foods designed to bestow a clearer more radiant complexion by encouraging the liver to gently eliminate toxins in a non aggressive way.
Your skin tends to reflect what's happening on the inside. If your body is not eliminating toxins efficiently, this can result in dull devitalised skin & can contribute to many skin disorders such as acne, eczema, blemishes.
All designed to bestow you with a clearer more radiant skin.
1. By increasing the amount of fibre in your diet, both soluble (draws toxins out into digestive tract) & insoluble (encourages them to be eliminated)
2. Providing foods that soothe & heal the gut lining, helping calm conditions like IBS & inflammatory bowel diseases.
3. Supplying many of the vitamins & minerals that our hungry livers require to carry out the two phases of detoxification.
4. Providing pre-biotic foods that encourage a healthy gut flora.

Can I Take It All The Time?
Yes, definitely!It is great for keeping your digestive system humming along.  Many people have bowel issues that this product helps support. For those people without problems can simply take it because people with high fiber diets are less likely to suffer from bowel disease, cancer & they also have lower cholesterol levels. So it is all good for you.
There are two reasons why the long term use of this amazing product is so beneficial.
Firstly it increases your fiber intake by a very healthy 5 grams a day. People with high fiber diets have proven to have a MUCH lower risk of heart disease, diabetes many cancers & high cholesterol. So it has wonderfully good protective action for our health.
Secondly, long term the Bestow Be Cleansed will strengthen the bowel & make it work better on it's own. Many products assist the bowel have a laxative effect & therefore have the opposite effect, making the bowel lazy & dependent, making you become more & more reliant on them. 
The Bestow Be Cleansed, being so high in fiber, actually gives the muscles in the bowel something to work against, giving them a wee workout & strengthening their action (much as the same exercise strengthens & tones our skeletal muscles) So long term you become less dependent on it. 


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