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Summer Skincare Tips

Summer Skincare Tips

your skin is always exposed to the environment which means it’s much more vulnerable to changes than any other organ.

As far as the affect of climate on skin goes there are advantages and disadvantages. In the summer skin can be easier to manage because the air is more humid than it is in winter. Summer lifestyle can help skin thrive as we’re more likely to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, exercise and stay more active, resulting in more circulation the skin becomes noticeably healthier.

Summer months however can mean more exposure to the sun, whether it is dry inflamed peeling skin in need of repairing from sun damage or combating summer pigmentation, we have some tips to restore your skin and keep it hydrated for the hot months ahead. 

Hydrate & Protect

Switching to products for far more hydrating regime. A super soaking formulation that will provide hydration and slow down rapid water loss from the skin booster water retention in the skin longer. A twice daily coat of moisturising sunscreen and boosting with hydration serums and mask can take your skin from looking dull to a smooth and plumped appearance.


During the summer months the sun exposure may have made the skin red, inflamed, or skin conditions like Hyperpigmentation and Sunspots become more present in the skin. As the seasons change the burning UVB and ageing UVA rays (Ageing Rays) are always present creating havoc on your skin. Never rely on sunscreen in your Make-up to give the appropriate sun protection against premature ageing and potential sun damage. If you work inside all day they will be exposed to the more unknown oxidising and ageing processes, the treacherous exposure to blue light which is the dark side of computer & connected lifestyle ageing, a now recognised new level of aging in the skin. 
(check out the new Coola 360 Silk Drops) & remember to Sunblock up! in layers.

Exfoliate & Mask it up: 

Exfoliate lightly but regulary to avoid conjesting sunscreens & Bring out the hydrating + nourishing masks, these can turn your skin around quickly. Once we reveal our baby bum skin we can then drench the cells with our heavenly masks.even if you change your moisturiser, for something that maybe lighter. 

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