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Lilash Librow

Lash & Brow Serums What You Need To Know

Eyelash & Eyebrow enhancing serums have grown in popularity & there are now a vast number of products on the market, but what are the best ones? do they deliver on what they suggest? We take a look at some of the key issues & myths that surround the cliams around these magic lash lenghteners.... Read more...
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The Janesce Glow
Transform your skin with skin soaking

Dehydrated by default?
Most women have dehydrated skin without even knowing it and have come to accept dull, dry skin as ‘normal’. Low humidity levels, cold temperatures and indoor heating all have a dehydrating effect on the skin. Low moisture levels can weaken and sensitize the upper layer of the skin. Read more...

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Did you know that certain foods are capable of increasing sun resistance in your skin?

Dark chocolate-43-825

Chocolate Is Good For You!

But let me be clear not all chocolate is good for you! but raw, unrefined cacao has so many health benifits that it should be a regular addition to your daily diet (provided it is good quality without added sugar, chemicals or preservatives)
What is the difference between cacao & cocoa?
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7 Facts About Collagen



Why Treat Your Skin From Within?

There are many things that we eat & drink that can contribute to the problems w can experience with our skin. Being aware of these problem foods can go a long way to..
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Bestow Juice-247

Juicing For life

Discover the health benefits of Juicing, plus some exciting and inventive recipes to make your mouth water!
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Jan Smith-244

Janesce Skincare - From Mother To Daughters

After 40 years at the helm of  Janesce skincare, & having reached the grand age of 84 yrs you can understand if Janice Sarre Smith, legendary herbalist, naturopath & founder of Janesce skincare wanted to retire..
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healthy treats

Lots Of Wickedly Healthy Treats

Why not try some of our tasty treats which are not only delicious, easy to make but also healthy..
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beauty sleep(copy)

10 Bedtime Routine Sleep Tips for Glowing Skin

Sometimes a good bed and a great pillow just isn’t enough to get the best sleep that our skin and body needs. Our hectic schedules get in the way and the thought of having a bedtime ritual seems like a distant dream. read more

Salad in a jar(copy)

Healthy Meal Ideas

Eating Raw Food is always a great source of energy & the bonus is it's great for our skin!
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Why Moisturise Your Skin From Within?

When it comes to nutrition, out of all the foods researched for skin benefits the..
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Zinc - A vital mineral

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The facts about Microbeads

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